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Editor — Kohl’s & Lauren Conrad Spring Season Collection (2016) Produced by Khol’s and Lauren Conrad

Editor — “Pond’s Rujeveness” Campaign (2016), Produced by Ponds + Oui

Editor — “Mercy Street” Main Titles (2015), Produced by Elastic for PBS

Lead After Effects Supervisor - Hells Kitchen (2011-2015) Season 9/10/11/12/13/14/15 Produced by Upper Ground Entertainment + Fox

Editor – “The 29” Promotional Campaign (2015), Directed by Jez Thierry. Produced by Anna Söderblom.

Editor – A Man Made Production “At All Costs: Life inside AUU Basketball” Documentary Directed by Mike Nicoll, Produced by Ian Ward. (2014)

Animator/Editor - "MMA Supremacy" (2011) Video Game, Produced and Developed by Kung Fu Factory + M2

After Effects Editor - Hells Kitchen (2010) Season 8, Produced by Fox

Editor - Scanners "We Never Close Our Eyes" Music Video (2010) Produced by Dim Mak Records, Directed by the Cobrasnake

Co-Writer/Director, Editor, Animator - Lights "AUDIOQUEST A Capt. LIGHTS Adventure" (2009) 10 Episode Animated Motion Comic Series, Produced by Warner Bros. / Sire Records and MTV.

Editor - Classixx "I'll Get You" Music Video (2009) Produced by Kitsune + Cobrasnake Directed by Cobrasnake

Editor - Austin Heartley-Leonard "Golden Opportunity" Music Video (2009)

Additional Editor - A Liberation Entertainment Production "One-Eyed Monster" (2008) Written and Directed by Adam Fields

Editor - Warner Bros. + Remote Control "The Dark Knight" (2008) Opening Night Concert Series Produced by Hans Zimmer + Remote Control

Director/Editor - MC Rut "Busy Being Born" Music Video (2008)

Editor/Colorist/Animator - Dirty Hands Productions “Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe” (2008) Directed by Harry Kim, Produced by Elizabeth Ai- Winner of the 2009 San Francisco Asian Film Festival Special Jury Award- Winner of the 2008 San Diego Asian Film Festival Grand Jury Award- Most attended film at the 2008 Los Angeles Film Festival

Editor - "Twilight Tango" (2008) Short Film Produced and Directed by Jason C Sting

Shooter//Editor - Nylon Magazine "Yard Sale" (2008) – Web Series Produced by Nylon Magazine

Editor - Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2007 - Web Promo Directed by Anne Walls, Produced by Full Pic

Shooter//Videographer - "Thumbs Up Season 2" (2007) Produced by Vice magazine & VBS

Editor - Dreamworks Pictures “Disturbia: The Making of the Music” (2007) Produced by Remote Control

Editor - Lions Gate Films/ Twisted Pictures “Catacombs” (2007) Directed by Tomm Coker and David Elliot, Produced by Gregg Hoffman, Oren Koules and Mark Burg, Post Production Supervisor Michael Beard

Editor - “A River in Danger” (2006) Sundance Channel Pilot Episode, Produced and Directed by Elyssa Davalos

Editor - Victoria’s Secret “Wings” (2006) 3-Part Web Series Directed by Ann Walls, Produced by Project Runway

Editor - Texas Instruments DLP Promotional Spots (2006) Produced by Goodspot Supervisor Brandy James

Editor - Element Films “No Pink” (2006) - Directed by Ann Walls Produced by Julie Dangle


Avid. Final Cut Pro. Adobe Creative Suite. Final Draft. Mocha. Sketch Up.


Art Center College Of Design Pasadena, California + School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Massachusetts